Run LLMs, AI, and Batch Jobs Anywhere

SkyPilot is a framework for running LLMs, AI, and batch jobs on any cloud, offering maximum cost savings, highest GPU availability, and managed execution.

SkyPilot abstracts away cloud infra burdens:

  • Launch jobs & clusters on any cloud
  • Easy scale-out: queue and run many jobs, automatically managed
  • Easy access to object stores (S3, GCS, R2)

SkyPilot maximizes GPU availability for your jobs:

  • Provision in all zones/regions/clouds you have access to (the Sky), with automatic failover

SkyPilot cuts your cloud costs:

  • Managed Spot: 3-6x cost savings using spot VMs, with auto-recovery from preemptions
  • Optimizer: 2x cost savings by auto-picking the cheapest VM/zone/region/cloud
  • Autostop: hands-free cleanup of idle clusters

SkyPilot supports your existing GPU, TPU, and CPU workloads, with no code changes.


Zongheng Yang, Zhanghao Wu, Romil Bhardwaj, Tian Xia, Ziming Mao, Tyler Griggs