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Accepted papers by Micah Murray, Matei Zaharia, Woosuk Kwon, Zhuohan Li, Siyuan Zhuang, Lianmin Zheng, Joseph Gonzalez, Hao Zhang, Ion Stoica, and Emma Dauterman.

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Cornflakes: Zero-Copy Serialization for Microsecond-Scale Networking by Deepti Raghavan (Stanford University), Shreya Ravi (Stanford University), Gina Yuan (Stanford University), Pratiksha Thaker (Carnegie Mellon University), Sanjari Srivastava (Stanford University), Micah Murray (UC Berkeley), Pedro Henrique Penna (Microsoft Research), Amy Ousterhout (UC San Diego), Philip Levis (Stanford University and Google), Matei Zaharia (UC Berkeley) and Irene Zhang (Microsoft Research)

Efficient Memory Management for Large Language Model Serving with PagedAttention by Woosuk Kwon (UC Berkeley), Zhuohan Li (UC Berkeley), Siyuan Zhuang (UC Berkeley), Ying Sheng (Stanford University), Lianmin Zheng (UC Berkeley), Cody Hao Yu (Independent Researcher), Joseph Gonzalez (UC Berkeley), Hao Zhang (UC Berkeley and UC San Diego) and Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley)

Private Web Search with Tiptoe
 by Alexandra Henzinger (MIT), Emma Dauterman (UC Berkeley), Henry Corrigan-Gibbs (MIT) and Nickolai Zeldovich (MIT)