Sky Systems Seminar: Tamar Eilam (IBM Research) – The Sustainability of Computing and AI

Speaker: Tamar Eilam

Location: Soda 510

Date: November 3, 2023

Time: 11am-12pm PST


The Sustainability of Computing and AI

Abstract: The rapid proliferation of AI technologies has brought about unprecedented advancements in various sectors, from healthcare to transportation. However, the extensive computational requirements of AI models, especially deep learning algorithms, have raised questions about their energy consumption and carbon footprint. This presentation aims to shed light on the principles of Sustainable Computing, recent scientific discovery, and open challenges, and the complex relationship between AI development and the environment.

Bio: Dr. Tamar Eilam is an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Sustainable Computing in the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York. Tamar is leading research projects aiming at drastically reducing the carbon footprint associated with computing across infrastructure, systems, and software, data and AI. Tamar completed a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in the Technion, Israel in 2000. She joined the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York as a Research Staff Member that same year. She was recognized as an IBM Fellow in 2014.