Sky Systems Seminar: Junchen Jiang (University of Chicago) – Perception-Driven Internet Systems

Speaker: Junchen Jiang
Location: Soda 510
Date: October 27, 2023
Time: 11am-12pm PST

Perception-Driven Internet Systems

Internet systems serve as vital infrastructure, but what should they optimize for? Traditional approaches optimize system performance metrics, but the ways consumers of applications perceive the system performance are often more nuanced. For instance, viewers might be less discerning about video quality in general gameplay during a sports broadcast than pivotal moments like scores. This talk will introduce a paradigm shift to optimize for the perception of consumers rather than performance metrics. The new paradigm also embraces the trend that consumers are increasingly ML models (vision models and large language models) in AI applications, and these ML consumers also exhibit a wide range of sensitivities to system performance. The perception-driven paradigm offers new potential to enhance user experience for a broader audience without the necessity of new infrastructure or increased resource usage.

Junchen Jiang is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. He received his PhD degree from CMU in 2017 and his bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua in 2011. His research interests are networked systems and their intersections with machine learning. He is a recipient of a Google Faculty Research Award, NSF CAREER Award, and CMU Computer Science Doctoral Dissertation Award.