Sky Seminar Series: Sailesh Krishnamurthy (Google) – The Future of Databases and Generative AI

Speaker: Sailesh Krishnamurthy

Location: Soda 380

Date: May 3, 2024

Time: 11am-12pm PST


The Future of Databases and Generative AI


In this talk we will explore the transformative potential of integrating databases and generative AI in enterprise applications. More specifically, we will show that while Large Language Models (LLMs) can offer significant value, they need to be combined with operational data from databases to deliver accurate, contextually relevant, and user-friendly experiences. We will then discuss two key aspects of innovation in Google’s AlloyDB to enable such applications: (a) in-database vector indexing and search and (b) natural language querying for database applications. We will then switch to how we can leverage generative AI in operating and managing databases in the cloud as well as in modernizing and migrating database based applications. 


Sailesh Krishnamurthy is Vice President of Engineering at Google Cloud where he leads Cloud SQL and Non-Relational Databases as well as Gemini in Databases – an ambitious program to leverage Gen AI and Gemini models in all aspects of database management.  He is an innovator and entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in databases and the cloud. Before Google, Sailesh was GM for Aurora and RDS MySQL at Amazon preceded by a stint at Cisco Systems via the acquisition of Truviso, a real-time streaming data analytics software company that he co-founded. Sailesh is an authority in data management and is an author of over a dozen academic papers and several issued U.S. patents. He earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2006.