Sky Seminar: Marcos K. Aguilera (VMWare) – Memory Disaggregation: Why it will happen now and bring a surprise impact

Speaker: Marcos K. Aguilera
Location: Soda 510
Date: March 3, 2023
Time: 12-1pm PST

Title: Memory disaggregation: Why it will happen now and bring a surprise impact

Disaggregation refers to moving hardware resources outside the box. Looking at history, we learn that disaggregation succeeds based two key factors: burning issue and technical feasibility. We also learn that, once successful, disaggregation brings an impact that is much broader than originally envisioned. We look at memory disaggregation from this perspective; we make the case why memory disaggregation will finally happen now and discuss some of its potential surprise impact: fluid memory, instantaneous VM migration, and cheap Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The wildly different nature of these applications suggest that memory disaggregation will be a research topic of wide interest in the years to come.

Marcos K. Aguilera is a principal researcher at VMware. He previously worked in research at MSR Silicon Valley, HP Labs, and Compaq SRC. His technical interests span all aspects of distributed systems, including both theory and practice. He has served as program chair for many conferences including OSDI, SoCC, FAST, DISC, OPODIS, and ICDCN. Marcos received an MS and PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University, and a BE in Computer Science from Universidade Estadual de Campinas in Brazil.