Sky Seminar: Zhifeng Chen – Google Research “Some scalability challenges in machine learning”

Speaker: Zhifeng Chen
Location: Soda 430-438, Woz Lounge
Date: November 4, 2022, Friday
Time: 12-1 pm PST

Title: Some scalability challenges in machine learning

Over the past decade, AI presented us with numerous amazing results and had a huge impact on our lives. These achievements were results of advancements in the areas of algorithms, data and hardware. Scalability is a common theme in the development of these areas. In this talk, I will share some scalability challenges faced by my colleagues and myself in Google and what we have built to address them. I will also discuss some challenges we are currently facing and research directions that may help solve them.

Dr. Zhifeng Chen is a distinguished engineer in Google Research, Brain. His recent work focuses on scalable machine learning systems and algorithms. He collaborates with many machine learning researchers and is interested in areas such as machine translation, speech recognition and synthesis, 3D perception, and large language models. He helped build several Google’s infrastructure software systems, including TensorFlow, Zanzibar, and BigTable, etc.